Introducing… Super Fun Happy Ball Drop!

Introducing… Super Fun Happy Ball Drop!

Taking a step back from Space Jelly… In Space! I decided to refocus my limited game dev time on publishing a ‘quick-turnaround’ game. It’s not always easy to find time to carve out time for long-term development project. But, refocusing on a one-month project has produced Super Fun Happy Ball Drop. 

My goal for this effort was to publish a one-button game consisting of more watching than doing… something that you could mindlessly play. The result: A game just barely more interactive than a slot machine. And, hopefully, accessible to just about everyone.

The game is meant to be played on an Android device, but, playing the WebGL version will at least give you a feel for the game.


Android (Google Play) – No ads. No permissions. Just fun!

WebGL – Tested in Chrome and Firefox