Gumball Fall Unlocks More Achievements

Gumball Fall Unlocks More Achievements

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Update v1.0.3 brings with it ten new achievements to unlock along with the re-branding of five original ones.

Players are likely familiar with the current set of Master Of… achievements. Unlocking them is no small AppIcon-150x150accomplishment! Update v1.0.3 is an attempt to introduce more opportunities for players of all skill levels to experience the joy of unlocking rewards. These achievements come in three flavors (Apprentice, Master and Grand Master) and revolve around besting certain score thresholds in each game mode.

With this update, new players will have more attainable Apprentice scoring goals to shoot for. As they hone their skills, they’ll have the more difficult Master targets to set their sights on. Once they unlock the Grand Master achievements, they’ll know that they truly are the best-of-the-best.

So, without further ado, grab the update and start unlocking!