Gumball Fall Released!

Gumball Fall Released!

Gumball Fall Drops Into The Google Play Store


Help Frank frantically collect tasty orbs of goodness in a new free physics-based mobile game.


Gumball Fall AppIcon 512x512Auburn Hills, MI, October 8, 2014: Software industry veteran, Chris Kraszewski, has released his second indie video game to the masses. “The game I’m building offers the player a fun physics-based twist on the Match Three genre that folks of all ages enjoy.” says Chris. “The goal is simple: Help Frank  collect gumballs that have spilled out of his gumball machine. Each play session is unique. Will you approach the game with frantic speed or thoughtful strategy? The choice is yours!”

Unlike most games in this genre, Gumball Fall allows the player to create groups of 2 (not 3) or more similar gumballs. Creating large groups releases special gumballs with larger groups netting more awesome bonuses. Collect as many as you can before the game ends; then, see how you stack up against your friends or the entire world.

With five game modes and randomized game boards, Gumball Fall offers an endlessly unique game experience. Daily Challenge games along with Leaderboards and over 25 Achievements backed by Google Play Games give players the opportunity to brag to their friends, family or even the whole world about who’s the best of the best.



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  • 5 unique game modes
  • Participate in unique Daily Challenges
  • Climb to the top of the Worldwide or Social Leaderboards
  • Unlock over 25 achievements
  • Randomized gumball drops means a unique experience every time you play
  • Multiple gumball color schemes. Use the one that’s right for you

In addition to being the game’s creator, Chris Kraszewski is recording its progress from beginning to launch to maintenance. “While the blog and Twitter feeds help generate buzz, the larger goal is to show people what works and what doesn’t. I’ll be documenting my ups and downs, the business, the marketing and everything in between. With 14 years as a software engineer, my skill set transfers quite easily to creating video games but, even with one game release to my name, there is always more to to learn!”

Gumball Fall is published by FussenKuh Software, and is available on the Google Play Store with Google Play Games integration for Leaderboards, and 25+ Achievements for players to collect.

Meet the maker

While not at his day job, Chris Kraszewski is creating worlds from the comfort of his couch as the lone wolf engineer behind FussenKuh Software.


Press Kit:

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